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Thank you so much for making out party such a success. The desserts & take home treats were all the rage. We look forward to contacting you next month for another event!!!
— Jean B.
Exceptional care and expert craftsmanship make anything form barCHOCOLATE a special treat for yourself or a remarkable gift.
— J. Senske
My husband and I were lucky enough to try the absolutely delicious chocolate at barCHOCOLATE - and meet the delightful chocolatiers, Lin and Mike. Their chocolates danced on my tongue like a prima ballerina. The “Aphrodite Lemon” swirled on my taste buds prompting me to giggle in delight! Every piece the two of us tasted resulted in applause - ultimately leading to an ovation. Well done, Lin and Mike. You’re world class chocolatiers! See you again soon.
— J. Knight
If you live in Charlotte you are LUCKY! You can be a tourist in your own city all the time. Take your buddy, yourself, better half or entire family to the 7th Street Public Market and catch the guys from barCHOCOLATE. Their chocolates are made by hand, really do look this pretty in person, and believe it or not taste AMAZING!
— SW
I started out thinking they were too pretty to eat but then I tried the first one and determined they were way too good to stop. AMAZING!!!!
— L. Shaw
Ok, the chocolates were of the caliber of chocolates we’ve had in Paris, Switzerland, and Los Angeles. We got two each of the chocolate bon bons rolled in coconut (These were Oh My Goodness, Oh My Goodness amazing!!), bee pollen pralines, coriander pop rocks praline (TIP-eat with a friend/love and open your mouths to share the fun popping), rosemary lemon caramel, and ghost chili caramel (Put the whole thing in your mouth and suck until the caramel explodes like heavenly lava; then kiss someone). We also got a bag of chocolate almonds. I hesitate to say it, but these are the best I’ve ever had. Amazing texture and taste; simple but unique.
— Z.P.