Lin and Mike on WBTV at Noon with Christine 3.16.15

Mike and Lin on WBTV Bounce 03.26.15

We're best friends who wanted to work together doing something we love. The reward of mastering a craft, along with our desire to create something beautiful and make people happy, drove us to chocolate! After many chocolate classes, months of practice and experimentation, barCHOCOLATE was created.

Best friends Mike and Lin walked away from cushy state university jobs, cashed in their 401(k) plans and went all-in to pursue their passion...chocolate! Their Director of Marketing is well connected in the culinary world but hates chocolate. An ex-con who calls himself "The Kitchen Pirate" pimps their bon-bons out of his food truck.

barCHOCOLATE makes NC Honey Truffles on the Charlotte Today Show with Ramona Holloway. The recipe can be found here

barCHOCOLATE'S first appearance on the Charlotte Today Show February 15, 2013.